Business Solutions

business team in an office laptopThe Network

Our network is engineered on various enterprise class technologies capable of delivering high quality voice and data services at gigabit speeds. We have very limited dependencies on outside services such as power and phone companies. Because of this we enjoy greater reliability with fewer points of failure allowing us to confidently offer the following solutions.

Business Solutions

– Alternative to T1, DS3 or fractional DS3 lines
– Primary or backup internet links.
– Point to point solutions replace costly leased lines.
– Dedicated logical network segments.
– Feeds to other wired, wireless or mesh networks.
– Private links to remote locations within our area.
– Opportunities for re-sellers.
– Greater reliability and consistency than others
Voice (IP PBX) business phone systems

Network Analysis for Comprehensive Solutions

Sometimes the technology you need isn’t readily apparent. This is when you can rely on our thorough Network Analysis to uncover the root cause of certain issues so they can be addressed right from the start, ultimately creating an environment where your internet does exactly what you need it to do.

North Coast Wireless is more than your IT resource, we are your enterprise level solution provider.

Other Available Solutions

– Wired or wireless network design and implementation.
– Dedicated point to point wireless links.
– Mesh network design and implementation.
– Public safety networks.
– Temporary networks.
– Networks for special events.
– Home phone service

Quoted Broadband or Point-to-Point Solutions

We understand that one size does not fit all. We will build custom packages to meet the needs of larger business. If your business requires alternative solutions to old T1 or DS3 service we can custom build Ethernet solutions to meet your needs.