Our Team

Matt Fridenstine

Matt is the President and Senior Engineer at North Coast Wireless Communications. He specializes in network design and management and has been involved with radio, communications and networks for over 20 years. He also handles much of our marketing. To Contact: email matt@ncwcom.com or call 440-647-5626 EXT 104.

Kelly Opal

Kelly has been in the Internet business for over 20 years. He specializes in Linux/Unix systems, Voice and Wireless. To Contact: email kelly@ncwcom.com or call 440-647-5626 EXT 108.

Nicole Gregory

Not long after getting her Associates Degree in Applied Business at LCCC, Nicole joined the North Coast Wireless team in April of 2011 and began working as an Office Assistant and in Customer Service. When she’s not in the office, she loves spending time with her family, immediate or extended, consisting of her husband, Brennan Gregory, and her nine-month old, Jensen Gregory, while watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. She hopes to, one day, be able to spend one night in every state, travel to a different country, and take her kids to Disney World! To Contact: email nmay@ncwcom.com or call 440-647-5626 EXT 110.

James Markosky

James is our most gone to “go-to guy”. James is an expert when it comes to anything to do with a computer and is excellent at handling any technical issue. To Contact: email james@ncwcom.com or call 440-647-5626 EXT 100.

Brian Gault

Brian operates as our Senior Field Service Technician as well as a Tower Climber. Brian’s position is ever evolving and he also takes part in site planning, maintenance and safety planning. To Contact: email at bgault@ncwcom.com.

Anthony Lafferty

Anthony (AKA “The Kid”) joined our team last year working as a Field Service Technician. To Contact: email anthony@ncwcom.com.

Chris Schmucker

Chris comes to us with over 10 years experience in wireless and broadband communications including tower and site management. Chris is the newest member of the North Coast Wireless Communications team, working as a Field Service Technician and Tower Climber. To Contact: email chriss@ncwcom.com.