Residential Internet Services

Woman In Kitchen Following Recipe On Digital TabletEvery home uses the internet differently.

Some depend on their internet for home-schooling and rely on its consistency daily.

Others are shopping or game-playing. And of course, there are the social media mavens who count on their internet to share pictures, download music, and upload videos.

Here are the packages we offer at a glance:

genx GenX is now available in about 50% of our coverage area and offers speeds up to 25Mbps and package pricing starting at $34.95/mo. Call today and ask if GenX is available in your area!


Standard Services (These services are available throughout our entire coverage area)

Home Basicup to 1.5 Mbps.256Kbps: This package is more than sufficient for the mild internet users. Shopping, browsing, and basic photo sharing will be a breeze with our basic package.

Home Premiumup to 3Mbps/768Kbps: This is a perfect plan for busy families with varying internet interests. It allows members to simultaneously play online games, stream video, and chat in social media without causing that awful lag the starts some reality TV show worthy arguments!

Home Extreme HDup to 8Mbps: Big families, busy families, the someone’s-online-every-minute-of-the-day families, need our extreme package. And won’t be sorry for it!

CustomNet: when none of these options seem to fit the bill, ask us about creating a custom package just for you. We do it for customers all the time and love it!

For more detail on any of our packages, get in touch. You can also read up on our Information Center page.

We look forward to getting your family online soon!