North Coast Advantage

Our Broadband service is not satellite service!

Satellite service can be very slow, laggy and unreliable and is highly affected by weather conditions.
Broadband service by North Coast Wireless Communications is often the perfect choice for home and business customers.

Whether you enjoy gaming, social networking, streaming media or run a business, we can provide you with reliable service, local support, professional installation, no hidden fees and a 30 day money back guarantee.

All of our services come with email accounts to suit your needs and personal web space. Business accounts come with web hosting for your business domain name and email accounts under that domain name (domain name registration required).

Fleet_05Installation charges do apply. The standard installation charge is $250.00, however installation charges do vary from location to location so it is best to give us a call.

All North Coast Wireless business or home Internet packages support VoIP phone service.