System Updates!

20150716_114853Our installers have been busy with system upgrades and new sites! We are happy to announce the completion of two new towers in the Oberlin area. These towers are located near Pyle Road and Russia Road in New Russia Township and in Pittsfield Township at AM 1320 WOBL on US 20 near Dairy Twist. Both towers are GenX ready!

We completed bandwidth upgrades to Penfield, Grafton and Elyria while building in redundant links to each of these sites. Castalia received extended GenX coverage to the East. Customers along US-250 in the Sandusky & Milan areas as well as customers between US-250 and Castalia can call about getting GenX service!

Whats next?
Grafton, Clarksfield and Wellington North of town will receive GenX phase one. We are in the process of installing a high capacity site in LaGrange at Rural Water (RLCWA). The LaGrange site will cover a very large area between Wellington, Oberlin and Grafton.

On the radar!
Litchfield will receive a bandwidth upgrade and GenX! Medina will FINALLY be installed and launch with GenX. This tower will be another high capacity site for us. Fitchville/New London will receive GenX phase one.


genxNext Generation Broadband Internet is here!

In 2013 we started to offer a new service level called GenX. Our initial deployment was limited due to equipment availability and the type of equipment on the market. In 2014 new and much better equipment became available allowing us to speed our roll-out of GenX. Today GenX is available in about 50% of our coverage area and growing. We currently offer GenX packages up to X25 (25Mbps) but it is able to go far beyond 25Mbps. We are no longer deploying tower sites with the older equipment that our standard packages are based on.

With GenX you can stream movies faster than ever, connect your tablet, PC, laptop, game system, phone and smart TV without worry of slowdowns.