Business Internet Services

Of course no two businesses are alike. In fact, that’s actually what we like the most about working with them!

We get to stretch our intellectual, technological, and creative muscles (yes, those are real muscles!) and come up with the best recommendations for your business.

Since every business has different needs based on its products, services, and customers, we’ve developed several packages for customers to choose from.

There’s no need to pay for services irrelevant to your business, and there’s no need for you to settle on less than you need, either.

Take a look:

GenX Internet is the latest in Broadband Wireless technology and utilizes carrier grade 4G and 5G equipment to deliver you the best possible Internet experience. GenX is available throughout most of our coverage area. Checkout the packages below

GenX-biz-service levels

We really enjoy the fact that not every business is the same or has the same internet and data requirements. And we don’t want to lock you into anything that doesn’t fit perfectly. That’s why we offer a custom package creation service that will give you only what you need without denying you things you’d like. GenX Business can be customized up to 100Mbps over our existing network.

We can also design, engineer and install custom point to point microwave and fiber solutions exceeding 1Gbps to meet your needs.