Consulting, Planning, and Implementation

Successful business-team working together at officeBusinesses are top priority for us, meaning, our job doesn’t end simply by providing you with an internet package. We come to your workplace, assess your current systems – hardware, equipment, cables, and other applications, and consult with you on the best Internet solutions your business needs.

We had one business not too long ago who had talked with us about having North Coast Wireless as an internet provider. We were more than happy to service them, however when we arrived, we noticed most of their systems were not up to par. The hardware and cables were completely outdated and it was obvious why they were having such issues.

You’ve heard people say “my internet is running slow,” probably more times than you can count. And you’ve likely said it yourself! Usually the internet isn’t the problem, though.
We often find that the old cables and hardware a business is relying on simply can’t keep up with the speeds the internet is trying to operate with; and that causes the internet to slow down.

In this case, recognizing that their systems needed a bit of work, we suggested what needed updated and even helped out with the updating process.

We want to be with you throughout all the stages to make sure you’re getting the optimal internet service for your business. From analysis, to custom solutions, to implementation and ongoing support, you can depend on us!