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Ever Heard of VoIP?

The name itself sounds other-worldly and definitely scientific. That’s kind of technology’s shtick; speaking in a language that’s a bit tricky to follow.

Score with our Double

Here’s our translation
VoIP – or voice over internet protocol – is an emerging technology that replaces your old clunky telephone and allows you to make calls to anyone, anywhere in the world – through the internet. And that means you won’t have those crazy high long distance phone charges depending upon where in the world you call. It also means that with just a simple software download, a sound card and some speakers your computer takes on the role of telephone, video phone, and fax machine!

Full Disclosure
OK, VoIP technology itself has been around since the 70’s. It saw an exciting boost in the 90’s but the quality of calls was so poor, it felt more like a novelty. Today, the technology has been improved upon so much, that businesses and homeowners are exponentially adopting digital phone service faster than ever. And, truth be told, you can keep your clunky phones if you want to; they just have to plugged into your computer instead of a phone line.

Why VoIP?

Businesses are saving thousands of dollars a year through the benefits of digital phone service. The cost of desk phones, their repairs and upgrades, can virtually be eliminated when utilizing VoIP. Employees who work from home can still communicate with the office and customers through a “softphone;” the icon on a computer that connects you to your digital phone service. Softphones are perfect for employees who are on a job-site all day as well.

The quality of VoIP is the same quality you’re used to on a standard phone line, but at one-third the cost.

And that’s great for home use, too! When you’re not paying for costly infrastructure and maintenance of your phone company’s lines and services, you get to keep more of your hard earned money and still enjoy all the benefits of a home-based phone.

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