VOIP for Home

Young happy woman sitting on the sofa at home while talking on phoneWhat is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and essentially is a digital phone. While acting similarly to a landline, VoIP actually carries phone calls over an IP network, such as the internet, or in some cases, your own network rather than analog telephone lines. What is an IP Network? An IP network is the main network protocol (set of rules computers use to exchange information) used on the internet.

What Does VoIP Allow Me to Do?

Basically anything a regular phone can do. VoIP phone system allows you to: block callers, set up voicemail, have call screening, caller ID, call forwarding, and call waiting. If it can do everything like any normal landline, it does beg the question of what it can offer. Well, it gives you better phone call quality along with giving you the opportunity to make any long distance calls within the United States or Canada. Plus, MyVoIP online portal allows you to control all your phones features (such as call blocking) with a simple username and password. We also know how attached customers can get to their phone numbers (trust me I’m one of them), in which case we can work to make it so you can keep your number.

What do I need for a VoIP system?

Because of the way VoIP works, internet is required along with a computer and a router. Other than that, all you need is a working phone jack to provide the simplest way to use the VoIP system. In terms of NCWCOM’s VoIP, we recommend you have higher than the basic package to receive the best quality.

Check out this cool infographic for a great cost savings comparison!