Jubilant family watching television A Rose by Any Other Name…

Whether you call it the TV, the set, the telly, or the boob tube, it’s the way we bring entertaining shows, music, and videos into our home or office.

Long gone are the days of rabbit ears. Long gone are the days of only 3 channels to choose from.

Today’s television services offer local and national channels along with premium movies and sports networks. And that’s just for starters!

Because we want to offer you as much flexibility and as many choices as possible, North Coast Wireless teamed up with DISH Satellite TV to become an authorized dealer of their services.

Just think of the benefits in signing up for DISH with North Coast:

  • Local Service – when you need us we are right around the corner; unlike any outsourced service tech DISH might provide.
  • You Trust Us – we already know you; you’re not a number to us! And when you have questions, you can talk to someone familiar, not a distant, faceless DISH operator.

As an authorized dealer, DISH gives certain incentives to us based on the package level a client of ours might purchase. Rather than keeping that savings, we pass it on to you! Depending upon the way you bundle and the DISH package you choose, you could see a discount of 15% just for signing up through us!

Looking for that live TV streaming service alternative? Check out Sling TV!

Call our office to talk through the various options for your television service and let us help you save as much as possible and get you in your lazy boy watching the boob tube today!

*Check back often to see what other TV service providers North Coast can bring to you!